Testimonial - Maylene

Cranbridge Tutorial Centre gave me an opportunity for interactive and flexible learning. With smaller classes, bonds between students and teachers are stronger in a pleasant and social learning environment. The teachers here are experienced and are very supportive and gave me continuous motivation to do my best. In here, learning has become smooth and enjoyable while never compromising on quality. I could not have asked for more.

Testimonial - Syaera

I am glad to have joined Cranbridge Tutorial Centre. The teachers are knowledgeable and committed to helping the students. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere which is stress free. The small groups here enable the teachers to have more time to focus on each student. I would recommend Cranbridge to other students anytime.


Thanks to Cranbridge Tutorial Centre, I have become more aware of the various cultures of the world. Coming from a vernacular school, I realize that we need to interact with people in this era of globalization. The teachers are understanding and encouraged me during my time at this learning Centre. Many a times they had helped me get over my awkwardness in the class. They recognized my potential, I skipped a level and was promoted to the next. I saved a year! I worked hard under the Cranbridge tutelage and completed my IGCSE successfully.


I can positively say that Cranbridge has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards studies which was second to my priority-football. Teachers here are supportive and caring and interested to students’ well-bring. There is a lot of communication between my parents and teachers to monitor my progress. At Cranbridge, classes are fun, educational and interactive.


The smile on my face is because of Cranbridge. Before I came to study here, I was an introvert, timid and marginalized by teachers and students in my former private school. But now, I am glad to say that Cranbridge is the right place for me and many others who are considered ‘back benchers’ and ‘unnoticed lots’ in their school. The wonderful ‘family’ atmosphere, approachable, warm and friendly teachers are very special here. I get a lot of attention in the small class setup. I can speak without fear of being mocked or teased. My grades have improved tremendously and so too my confidence. My parents and I are thankful that we joined Cranbridge Tutorial Centre.