COVID-19 Announcement


What action has the school done so far?

Temperature screening and hand sanitization is done upon entry. The school is encouraging good
hygiene among pupils and staff by washing hands frequently, providing hand sanitizer, discouraging
handshakes and close contact. Students who have a temperature beyond the normal range and
those who appear to be unhealthy are sent home.

Are my children in danger of contracting Covid-19 by attending school?

Not any more so than anywhere else.

Will the school declare emergency holiday in lieu of Covid-19?

The school will continue till the end of the exam week (Friday, 20 March 2020) and close the
following week (Monday, 22 March 2020). School is expected to resume on Monday, 27 April 2020
which is the beginning of Term 3. However, should the Ministry of Education declare emergency
holiday due to Covid-19, the school will follow suit.

How will I be updated?

Respective class teachers will keep parents informed accordingly. Parents and students can also
check Cranbridge Facebook ( page, Instagram
( and Website
( for updates.

What if my child is unfit to attend school during exam week?

Please contact the school or class teacher to make arrangements.

Will the Cranbridge 3 rd Annual School Sports still be held on 28 March 2020?

The Ministry of Health has urged all sporting and social events be postponed till after 30 April 2020.
The school sports will be postponed till further notice.

As a parent, what can I do to help in this situation?

Please take the necessary precautions including:
– keeping your children home if they are sick OR
– have come into close contact with people who have recently returned from Iran, Italy, South
Korea, Denmark, China and Japan
– If possible, postpone any overseas travel plans especially to the countries stated above
– encourage children to wear a mask
– encourage good hygiene
– read about Covid-19 from reliable resources
– encourage children to stay healthy by keeping hydrated and having nutritious meals as well
as taking vitamin-C supplements
– do not panic
– encourage children to NOT shake/hold hands

Is it necessary to wear a mask?

Generally it is recommended for those who are feeling ill or have a cough to avoid infecting others
through transmission via droplets. HOWEVER wearing a mask to avoid falling ill can help too as it
protects the wearer from directly touching their nose and mouth. Your child may wear a mask if not
ill but it is not mandatory.