About Us

Principal’s Message

‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’ – W. B. Yeats

We are living in a rapidly changing world where what children learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, choosing the right kind of education to unleash your child’s creativity is essential for him/her to become a lifelong learner.

Our team of enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative teachers are carefully selected as they will be mentors to their students as we believe students love to learn from people who inspire them. The teaching team comprises of passionate educators with over 20 years private school experience and a common philosophy that every child Can and Will learn. Yes, they are the kind that believe genuine learning takes place in fun, enjoyable activities and open forums.

Our Learning Centre is a wonderful place for students taking the great step forward from public and private school to a structured home-school environment. Our ideal set up of small groups of 5-10 students per class makes it possible for students to aspire to greater levels of academic excellence.

Stress free, positive peer interactions, no comparing or competing with ‘smarties’ are just some of the attributes that contribute to a conducive learning environment imperative for your child’s emotional and mental state of mind to excel academically and explore his/her latent talents.

Our parents-teachers bond is synergic. Parents’ views and comments are encouraged as we are open-minded to constructive ideas that will meet your child’s individual needs.

We are pleased to share with you our personalised and closely monitored programme from elementary level to International GCSE O and A Levels both Edexcel and Cambridge curriculums.

In us you have entrusted your precious, and it is us who nurture and sculpt the hidden jewel to shine!

Ms Rena Logan

Board of Governors

Prof Dato’ Dr Andrew Mohanraj

Consultant Psychiatrist & President, M’sian Mental Health Association

Mr. Adrian Thambyrajah

Practicing Lawyer

Dato’ Mohd Azmi bin Istamat

Educationist & Business Development Advisor in Education Related Field

Professor Dr Zuraini Ismail

former UTM lectuer

Our Guiding Principles

At C.E.G, we provide a flexible range of academic programmes for various groups of aspiring students who wish to pursue and excel in their respective fields of education. Our programmes cater for Edexcel International Primary Level Curriculum up to Edexcel O-Level and A-Level programmes. We provide full time formal programmes, home-schooling programmes as well as tuition classes for students who wish to have additional coaching.

We also provide language learning programmes in English (TOEFL, ESOL, IELTS, SAT), Communicative Malay, Mandarin and Japanese for those individuals who need to pick up or polish up their language skills for everyday life or working environment.

Our homeschooling programmes are meticulously drawn up, such that they all converge as student centred programmes, so as to give students the best education, bearing in mind that the key enablers for achievement oriented learning are quality of teaching staff and education delivery system, teaching materials / resources and a conducive learning environment. Teacher – student relationship is also held in high esteem, so that students get to feel self-motivated and inspired to bring out their hidden potentials and become high achievers.  We also assign teachers to manage students who need special counselling to handle personal or social issues that may arise from time to time.

Our Teaching Staff

Our teachers at CEG are all appropriately qualified in their respective field of specialisation and mostly possess between 20 to 30 years of teaching experience in delivering the IGCSE Curriculum to students from different backgrounds and nationalities. This team of dedicated and committed teachers work hard to ensure the child receives the best possible education and care.


  • to ensure the required available resources, including teaching materials, competent teachers and activities are at par with the needs of our ever-changing society and an evolving education system.
  • to engage students in interactive and developmental learning experiences and critical thinking.
  • to provide a learning environment that is physically conducive and socially interactive to encourage attributes of personal development, and respect for one another.
  • to continuously evaluate the curriculum and assess student’s development and progress in education and identify student’s strengths and address issues at early stages.
  • to encourage active and positive participation and consultations among parents and teachers in support of student development.


Our vision at CEG is to be complete educators, providing well-rounded education for the development of creative, intellectually critical and socially responsible individuals who are highly committed to achieving academic excellence.


  • All children Can and Will learn
  • Children are the future and our most important resource
  • Children have the greatest opportunity to learn in a safe environment
  • We set positive examples for our students through innovative role play activities
  • Each child has intrinsic worth and therefore must be accepted and treated with respect and dignity
  • All children will be offered an education developed to meet their individual needs