Cranbridge’s Summer Enrichment Camp

Cranbridge’s Summer Enrichment Camp

Our Summer Enrichment Programme is here to provide parents with a high-quality, affordable summer programme for their children during the long vacation.

The programme is meticulously drawn up to provide a warm, vibrant and stimulating atmosphere that provides children with mind enrichment, critical-thinking and recreational activities that fosters each child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being.

Our Programme encourages children to try    ‘new’ activities and make ‘new’ friends, while inculcating the values of responsibility and self-dependency in the process.


  • 3 weeks programme
  • 5 days per week (Monday-Friday)
  • Date of commencement: 1st AUGUST 2016 – 19th AUGUST 2016
  • Start: 9.30 A.M. / Dismissal: 2.30 P.M.
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided
  • English Language and Maths (core subjects)
  • Personal Development: Public Speaking, Role Play, Healthy Diet, Personal Grooming
  • Quizzes/ Puzzles/Badminton/Bowling
  • Audio-Visual Presentations
  • Thematic approach
  • Outreach Programme
  • Music and Sing Along session
  • Art and Design
  • Fireless Cooking lessons
  • Assessment

RM 2200/ for 3 weeks (inclusive of materials, transport for regional trips)