Maylene Mansor – Top in Malaysia for English and Economics

Maylene Mansor – Top in Malaysia for English and Economics

Maylene Mansor - Highest Scores in Malaysia for IGCSE Edexcel Economics and English receiving a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Logan, Member of The Board Directors
Maylene Mansor – Highest Scores in Malaysia for IGCSE Edexcel Economics and English receiving a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Logan, Member of The Board Directors

We would like to congratulate Maylene Mansor on her outstanding performance in the January 2016 IGCSE Examinations for IGCSE Edexcel Best in Malaysia for English and Economics.

Cranbridge Learning Centre awarded her with a Certificate of Excellence during the 1st Cranbridge Open Day on 31’st July 2016. The following is the full script from her speech.

Good morning respected principal, teachers, parents and fellow guests. My name is Maylene, and I studied here at Cranbridge Education Centre as a full time student.

I came to Cranbridge last year on the month of August as a student for summer classes and then later decided to stay and complete my final year of O Levels as a full time student.

The reason for my decision then was primarily centered on the fact that I wished to finish 3 subjects earlier by sitting for their respective exams in the January IGCSEs. Those 3 subjects were English, Maths and Economics.

What I needed then to prepare for them and to achieve the results I wanted were two things: good teachers and a flexible schedule. Cranbridge offered me both.

I needed teachers who could expedite the process by teaching me a year’s worth of knowledge in only half the time and still make me feel secured and prepared. I also needed a flexible schedule because I had to spend more time on those three subjects for a few months and then completely rearrange my schedule after they were done. In fact, I had enough free time to take on an extra subject –business- in January. And cramming two years’ worth of knowledge into four months was challenging. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too worried.

And so, when the results came out in March, I was pleased to learn that they were exactly what I was aiming for. In fact, they had exceeded my own expectations. I can’t thank my teachers enough for helping make it so.

I cannot stress enough on the importance of good teachers. Someone once told me that there are no dull subjects in existence, only dull teachers; and I happen to find that statement to be very true because from my personal experience I could love a class one year and hate it the very next depending on who was teaching.

Teachers teach you and guide you throughout your adolescence up to your adulthood. They can play a big role in shaping the person you could turn out to be. Good teachers in particular are relentless, and sometimes they could give you a dose of the cold hard truth that is reality. But they also inspire you and they listen to you so you’d end up working hard on your own anyway because to you, disappointing them is akin to disappointing your own parents. Nobody would ever want to disappoint the people who believed in them.

Cranbridge has those kind of teachers. The teachers here are all different and they vary from mannerism, personalities to their methods of teaching. But I can say with confidence that they all share one thing in common, and that is that they care about their students. Caring, I believe, is the first step to building the foundation of becoming a good teacher and Cranbridge has it in abundance.

Oh, and you know teachers are good when they don’t have to rely on the textbook.

Studying in Cranbridge – which adopts a sort of homeschool like system- has many benefits. Firstly, each student gets more attention because classes are smaller. Students can learn at their own pace and still feel to be a part of the crowd. Common problems like bullying and peer pressure are practically nonexistent here because with less people each student gets more individual attention and these issues can be noticed and stopped immediately. It is easier to form bonds between teachers and students alike and the mini community we have formed here at Cranbridge had become my makeshift family.

And the teachers here, really do go out of their way to help students. During my time here I’ve had all my teachers asking me what my future goals were and giving me advice and bits of information. They’ve even come back to me days later after doing their own research. We even had a day for career talk a few months ago.

All in all, Cranbridge is a great place to study in. The teachers are experienced and students can enjoy a pleasant learning environment. The fact that I no longer had to wake up at 5 in the morning was also a great plus.

So, if you ever decide to come to Cranbridge, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

I don’t.


Thank you.


Thank you Maylene and all the best in your future endevours.